Daraz is proud to present the Pakistan Day Sale, from March 20th to March 26th with discounts up to 70%


In commemoration of the 78th Pakistan Day, Daraz is proud to present the Pakistan Day Sale, from March 20th to March 26th with discounts up to 70%. Top deals and amazing discounts across all categories are about to sweep the nation from North to South.

Distilled into its essence, the Pakistan Resolution answered the question ‘What do you want?’ In no uncertain terms, the League resolved: nothing short of a homeland.

In the same spirit, here we are, accepting nothing short of a digitally empowered and enabled Pakistan.

Here we are, 78 years since that clarion call for Pakistan, with a call to celebrations of our own. #JoChahayPakistan is a celebration of the will to turn wishes- chahatein– into reality.

The mega sale will see generous price reductions and discounts applied to all categories site-wide:

Phones and Tablets up to 52% OFF; TVs, Computing and Gaming up to 70% OFF; Appliances up to 50% OFF; Men & Women’s Fashion up to 70% OFF; Beauty & Health up to 50% OFF; Grocers up to 50% OFF; Sports, Travel and Automotives up to 60% OFF; Home & Living up to 60% OFF; Baby & Stationery up to 65% OFF.

Each day of the week-long sale will see these categories unlock.

Mehdi Raza, Director Marketing at Daraz, enthused, “We’re escalating this year’s Pakistan Day sale to Big Friday levels and rolling out 23 Crazy Deals, in addition to our highly anticipated mega deals. Simply put, Daraz fans can expect the BIGGEST online Pakistan Day sale ever!”

It wouldn’t be a Pakistan Day celebration in the truest sense of the word without a crowd, would it? The sale is co-sponsored by several leading brands including Shield, Mi, Unifoam, Unilever, L’Oreal and Tarzz. Digital Partners Careem, Pizza Hut, Food Panda, Savour, Bogo are also on-board with Daraz-exclusive voucher deals of their own!

March of the Deals 23 reasons to celebrate!

23 DEALS, going live over 23 minutes, on the 23rd of March. Deals will be disclosed on the day itself.

Don’t forget: Scan the code to WIN!

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