After Huawei, LG claims iPhoneX’s notch was their idea before Apple


Huawei had previously claimed that iPhoneX’s classic ‘notch’ design was their idea before Apple made it cool. Now, LG too claims that it was their idea before Apple.

South Korean tech giant LG recently released its new flagship smartphone called LG G7 ThinQ that features a notch similar to that found on iPhoneX. However, to clarify to its customers that it didn’t copy Apple, LG claimed that it was initially their idea.

The Investor reported that at its launch event in Seoul, LG’s mobile chief Hwang Jeong-hwan claimed, “We planned the notch design before Apple.” He added that the design might look similar but contains differentiated features. As per Android Authority, evidence was seen in an LG patent from 2016 that revealed a smartphone design with a display cutout around the top speaker, the design that is referred to as ‘notch’ today.

Hwang also said that LG prefers calling the feature as ‘second display’ rather than a notch to indicate there is more to show. This might be because of the feature in the smartphone that lets the user turn the notch on and off by blacking out the top corners so the notch becomes invisible.

Moreover, LG is not the only one claiming notch as their idea. Huawei too recently said that it was initially their idea years before the iPhoneX release. Vice-president of Huawei’s smartphone product line claimed that the company missed its chance because at that time it was ‘too conservative and cautious’.

Though Apple wasn’t the first one to introduce notches in phones with the Essential Phone launching them four months ago iPhone X, it was still Apple that made them a new trend for the smartphone market with numerous Android makers now following the design.