Amjad Khan restored as Nespak MD


LAHORE  – Amjad A Khan has started functioning as Nespak MD in the light of a decision announced by the Lahore High Court. Earlier, he was removed from his position in April 2017 by the Ministry of Energy during his tenure which was to expire in August 2019.

Amjad challenged his removal in the court and as a result his writ petition was accepted.

A foreign qualified Civil Engineer from University of Sheffield, England, Amjad A. Khan possesses extensive experience in the fields of project management, contract administration, corporate management and project monitoring and control.

During his service with Nespak, he worked on many projects of national importance such as Tarbela Units 9 and 10, Kala Bagh Dam project, Mangla Power House Units 9 and 10, the projects of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and other important projects in the field of hydro and thermal power engineering.

On his arrival at Nespak House, he was greeted by Nespak Employees Welfare Association (Nepwa) and the workers union (CBA).

Amjad thanked the employees and urged that as a team all formations of Nespak will work day and night in the best national interest.