Apple might launch iPhones in some unusual colors


Apple might be releasing its next iPhones in some unusual colors that it has not chosen before.

iPhone colors have usually been limited to a few generic ones such as black, gold and white. Though it has introduced few models in a striking red color too, but this time it is moving to a different variety of colors including red, blue, orange and gold along with usual white and gray.

A world renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released the report mentioning Apple’s new colors predicting that the entry level 6.1-inch iPhone will come in blue, orange and red, variants while the 6.5-inch iPhone will be available in gold, white and black.

Apart from mentioning the colors, the report also mentions that three new iPhones will be introduced this year including an iPhone X Plus, a rumor that has already been going around for a while.

Apple, however, has not itself confirmed any of the speculating rumors.