Habib University to hold 1st convocation ceremony on 5th May, 2018


Karachi: After four successful years, Habib University will be hosting its first commencement ceremony on its campus. Habib University was built following the Habib family’s philanthropic legacy on removing barriers to quality education in Pakistan.

As Pakistan’s first Liberal Arts and Sciences University, Habib University takes a holistic approach to higher education, fostering a sense of active citizenship, commitment to academic excellence, and encouraging innovation.

Throughout the last academic year, senior students have perfected their theses and capstone projects, which are tributes to their interdisciplinary education and diverse inspirations of the course of their four years at Habib University. The university’s faculty, coming from all over the world, have taken great pride in working with such a talented and diverse student body, all of whom have added to the university’s unique culture.

Habib University has named its first incoming batch the HU Co-founders, as they were the first few students who took the risk of joining a new university, and built it alongside the staff, faculty, board, and supporters. They have since surpassed all expectations that were held for the students of a new and comparatively smaller institution.

On the fifth of May, 84 outstanding students will be graduating with one of four majors: Communication Studies and Design, Social Development and Policy, Computer Sciences, or Electrical Engineering.

Habib University looks forward to welcoming its invited guests to campus to be a part of the momentous occasion and celebrating this milestone when for the first time, this innovative institution has fulfilled its mission and bids farewell to a new league of graduates as young leaders for the country.