Hot and dry weather may prevail in Karachi until Wednesday: Met Office


KARACHI: Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has said the hot and dry weather may prevail in Karachi until Wednesday, however, ruled it out to be a heatwave.

The temperate in the megapolis soared to maximum 40°C on Monday.

The MET Office said the temperature may also feel higher than it would actually be due to a lack of sea breeze.

It said that there was no possibility of a heatwave in the city and that the weather conditions would improve from Thursday.

The countrywide highest maximum temperature on Monday was recorded at 43°C in Shaheed Benazirabad and Sakrund, followed by 42°C in Mithi, Sukkur, Dadu, Hyderabad and Padidan.

The Met Office said that weather across the country will remain dry on Tuesday, however, light rain is expected at scattered places in Gilgit-Baltistan and Malakand Division.

How can you beat the heat this summer?

Stay covered

Try to stay indoor, and if you need to be outside; don’t spend extended amounts of time without shade or clothes that expose your skin to the sun.

Wear light clothes

Wear linen, cotton, silk, or other breathable fabrics. Keep your clothing loose and breezy, so you don’t feel suffocated in the humid heat.

Find shade

Look for a shade, find a tree.

Stay hydrated

Drinking more water is recommended.