KP CM blames Centre for loadshedding


ISLAMABAD – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak said on Monday that there would be no end to loadshedding in near future as the federal government is not upgrading the transmission and distribution lines intentionally in smaller provinces.

“There would be no end to loadshedding in Sindh, Balochistan and KP, even if the country succeeded in generating more than 50000 MW electricity due to outdated transmission and distribution system,” the chief minister said while talking to media after the signing of MoU with Asian Development Bank for the construction of 300 MW Balakot Hydro Project.

He said that the major theft of electricity is taking place in Punjab however the federal government is accusing the smaller provinces of higher theft.

The CM regretted that on the one hand there is shortage of electricity in the country while on the other hand KP is endowed with rich energy resources particularly environment friendly low cost hydle power  but instead of helping the Province tap these resources  the Federal Government was importing costly LNG.

He also regretted that the federal government was neither finalizing a purchase agreement regarding the 74 MW hydle power generated in the Province to add it to the national grid nor was it paying the price of the electricity so produced and provided from the Pehure High level canal.

The chief minister further alleged that they are generating 74 MW cheap hydropower electricity but the federal government is not buying from them.

“We have requested several times for signing an agreement for adding the KP’s electricity to the national grid however the government is reluctant to sign the agreement worth the province, The chief minster alleged that without any legal agreement KP’s electricity is being used in national grid and the federal government is not paying the price of the electricity to the province. The price of total consumed electricity by the federal government is around Rs 1.5 billion, he added.

On the other hand the federal government is generating electricity on using dirty fuel including coal and furnace oil but is not ready to buy cheap and clean energy from KP.

At a conservative estimate KP has the capacity of producing cheap and environment friendly 15 thousand MW hydle power but the federal government is least interested in its development. The KP government, he pointed out, had started work on about 2500 MW hydle power generation from its own meager resources, signed agreement for 668 MW with Private sector, 506 with FWO and 610 MW with China.

The chief minister also said that neither Wapda nor the federal government was interested in capacity building of the transmission lines in the smaller Provinces that is why if they produce electricity the system had no capacity to transmit it to the national grid and thus the consumers.

He said that the idea of Senate chairman from Balochistan was his.

Replying a query regarding taking order from above in the senate election while talking to Jamaat-e-Islami Amir Sirjul Haq, he said that “I don’t take orders from anyone except Allah while I take party dictation from Imran Khan.”

“I also launched the idea of bringing deputy chairman Senate from FATA and met Sirajul Haq in this regard but the efforts come to halt as the senators from the tribal areas back out from their stance.

He said that he is not against the establishment of offshore company but the investment of illegal money in those companies.

Earlier the Pakhtunkhwa Energy Development Organisation (PEDO) entered into an agreement with the Asian Development Bank for financing the province biggest ever 300MW hydropower project construction at a cost of $645 million on River Kunhar near Balakot Mansehra.

KP Secretary Finance Shakeel Qadir Khan signed the agreement with ADB in presence of Chief Minister Parvez Khattak and Minister Energy and Power Muhammad Atif and other officers.

The dam site on Kunhar River is at a distance of about 03 km downstream from of Paras village, and 17 km upstream of Balakot town main bridge. The powerhouse is to be located on the left bank of Sangarh nullah confluence with Kunhar River, 1 km upstream of Dabrain village and 8 km upstream of Balakot main bridge.

The project is environment friendly with no disturbance to local population whatsoever thus contributing a lot to the national energy production at no cost.

The project will also add over Rs8 billion per annum cash to the resources of the province. The investment on the project is promising more than 17 per cent return per year. The project is to be completed within 60 months.