Lenovo might introduce laptop with flexible, foldable display


Looks like the Chinese manufacturer Lenovo is planning to introduce a new kind of laptop as it has filed a patent of a laptop with a flexible display that can be folded in any position.

Lenovo has filed a patent with WIPO for an ‘Electronic Device with Flexible display having multiple viewing regions’. The patent published back in April 2018 was recently spotted by LetsGoDigital.

The pictures given in the patent shows a laptop with a flexible OLED display that can be folded and unfolded to one side or even to both sides. The display can also be bent upwards to provide user with a screen that is one or two times larger than current laptops. The design also shows the screen being able to fold backwards, allowing a 360˚ image creation.

the patent also informs that the same technology can be integrated in smartphones or electronic organizers. Lenovo’s convertible tablet design has also been discussed about in the patent where the flexible screen can be separated from the keyboard. The two parts are connected with the help of a connector that lets the user put the large-sized display in from and type remotely on the keyboard.

Foldable and flexible displays are now becoming the new trend with many companies working on the technology. Just recently, Motorola too filed a patent of a foldable smartphone that can be unfolded into a tablet. It’s just a matter of time when such technologies come to reality.