Microsoft to make bill payments easier


Microsoft is going to make bill and invoice payments much easier by integrating a payment service directly within Outlook.

Microsoft announced on Monday about its payment service that it would be included with Outlook as an attempt to better integrate bill pay and invoices into emails. The company believed that this modification will let developers to better engage with users.

However, the update won’t be rolled out immediately to everyone. Microsoft Pay will be available for some users within the next few weeks whereas, others will get the capability over the next few months.

Moreover, as per Science Alert, Microsoft also introduced another ‘Your Phone’ software that can put features such as notifications, messages, and photos directly to the PC for easy access and treat the phone like a part of PC. Another tool called ‘Timeline’ was also introduced that will find anything the user has been working on, on Office 365 or Microsoft Edge browser in the past 30 days to pick up where the user left off.