New feature lets users play Facebook, Instagram videos within WhatsApp


A new update of the social messaging app WhatsApp will incorporate a feature through which the user can play Facebook and Instagram videos directly in WhatsApp and also via scrolling other chats.

When someone sends the user a video link from either Facebook or Instagram platform, the user won’t have to leave the app to view them. WhatsApp’s new update feature will let the user watch the video directly from the messaging app’s chat.

WhatsApp already allowed users to play YouTube videos within the conversation and now it will be able to play Facebook and Instagram’s too. Also, as Engadget wrote, with the picture-in-picture ability, user can keep watching the video even if the wish to switch between chats.

However, the new feature is a part of the latest iOS update WhatsApp released on May 7. The update also has the ability to add or revoke admin privileges from other users in group chats along with giving admins the access to edit the subject, description and icon of a chat already underway.