What is Bitcoin


Pascal Boyart introduced bitcoin to art. Incorporation of QR codes in his art is seeking attentions of many and made him receive donations from public in crypto.

Bitcoin meets a tremendous artist..

Every person living in this world got some talent and when his talent meet skills he become unstoppable to achievement , artist is someone who creates art by his words, paintings and make the world understand his feelings. “PBOY” came up with a way to earn money on his work without selling paintings to corporations and not showing at exhibitions. To do this, he began to add to the street art QR-codes with the address of his bitcoin-wallet, where people can transfer money. Boyart though his talent  has made a very good entry in the Bitcoin industry , world famous cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin art meets french streets..

The French artist by his art has mold the minds of many his paintings explains many things at one time related to cryptos and decentralization. In one of his painting he once again introduced famous Dutch painter Rembrandt , He is one of the most incredible artist but despite of his talent he financially suffers alot. Boyart narrate a him reading a newspaper despite of fact that he lived in 17th century.


In a conversation with The Next Web Boyart admitted that he began to include QR codes with bitcoin-wallet in his works from November 2017. He noted that he took such a step to pay tribute to the Andreas Antonopoulos’ book The Internet of Money.”.

Boyart draws a QR code of his bitcoin-wallet:

I painted a street art piece of a child asking his father ‘Dad, what is money?’ and I placed a QR code at the side of my signature.” I wasn’t sure if someone had done this already, but I wanted to see if people could support street artists with donations. I did it as an homage to Andreas Antonopoulos’ book The Internet of Money.

    Pascal Boyart

Donations has reached a new level..

Since the beginning of his experiment, the artist has received donations worth about a thousand dollars, according to the statistics on his bitcoin-wallet transactions.

  “It was last May when I became really passionate about this new paradigm of money… I was thinking about all the best use cases artists can do with it,” Boyart continued. “It can free us from institutions and galleries.”

Pascal Boyart

Bitcoin can serve as an ideal ..

Boyart noted that his street art requires a lot of money: paint and materials are expensive. He could use crowdfunding platforms, but, in his opinion, he needs direct financial relations with people, and bitcoin is “ideal for this.”