Scientist creates plastic-free bottle that decomposes in 3 weeks


With the aim to eradicate harmful plastic water bottles, a British scientist has apparently created a single-use plastic-free water bottle that he claims can decompose within three week.

Developed by James Longcroft, the bottle is named as ‘Choose Water’. It hopes to replace the plastic bottles and try saving the world’s oceans from the rising plastic waste.
Every element of the bottle can entirely decompose within three weeks, even if left in water or landfill, which is not even harmful and can later be easily eaten by sea creatures, as compared to the plastic bottles that take 1,000 years to degrade. Even the steel cap on the bottle will rust and decompose completely in a year.

Longcroft is now waiting for patents and has begun crowdfunding for the bottle. Setting up a goal of £25,000, he has already raised around £8,000. With this, Longcroft wishes to see these plastic-free bottles available in stores by this year’s end and in order to become a feasible alternative to plastic, the bottles will be sold for about 85p and 90p, as per The Times.

“We are really excited to get our bottles on shelves and into people’s hands as soon as possible, the main hurdle we face is breaking into a saturated market and competing with an old and established industry. Changing an industry will be a massive uphill battle but with the public’s support we will change the way we look at bottled water.”

Moreover, Longcroft informed Huffington Post that the idea for the bottle was to provide shoppers who buy water on the go a more environmentally friendly alternative to the usual plastic bottles. He also said that the profits from the sales will also go to the charity Water for Africa.

“We only have one planet and we need to act now to make sure we protect it for future generations,” he said.