Snapchat might team up with Amazon for another out-of-the-box feature


Snapchat appears to be laying the groundwork for a partnership with e-commerce giant Amazon by introducing a new feature yet again.

Along with Amazon, a visual product search feature might be soon introduced by Snapchat that would take its users to Amazon’s listings just by clicking a picture using Snapchat. Initially spotted by Tech Crunch, the unreleased feature was discovered by a developer in Snapchat’s Android app code.

The ‘Visual Search’ feature would let you snap a photo of an object or barcode by using Snapchat’s camera and then scan it, resulting in the app to then pull up sellers of a product and its reviews. This feature would let you send and share that Amazon link to your friends and family. However, if the app is not able to identify the product, it would respond by saying, “Bummer, we didn’t catch that!”

Using third-party integrations for identifications, the new feature would reportedly be able to identify objects, songs, and barcodes from users’ cameras by sending the data to Amazon, Shazam, and other companies, wrote The Verge.

Along with increasing the revenue, visual search feature would automatically make the social media app stand out among all other social media apps, as it would make Snapchat’s camera a more useful tool in navigating and seeing the world rather than just taking pictures by using filters and posting them.

It would also differentiate Snapchat from rival Instagram that has become quite identical to Snapchat since the addition of stories feature in its app and an increase in its number of users.

Earlier in 2016, Snapchat also worked with Shazam and integrated an app with them. However, Snapchat has not confirmed anything yet regarding their new feature