Advance Educational Institute and Research Center (AEIRC) successfully organized “Vision for excellence soul of youth sports conference” on 20th February in collaboration with Sports and Youth Affairs department, government of Sindh at International Center of Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi.

The conference focused on the physical fitness and mental health, sports medication, importance of sports in youth and the declining ratio of the sports opportunities in our country and its overall impact. The session was inaugurated with the overview and aims, objectives of AEIRC and the basic outlines of the conference was delivered.

After the inauguration the session was enlightened by our respectable speakers including Dr. Sadaf Ahmed (Chief Executive Officer at Advance Educational Institute and Research center), Mr. Faizan Mirza (Lecturer at Physiology Department, University of Karachi) and Dr. Nida Khan (Pharm D. from University of Karachi). The first oral presentation was delivered by Mr. Faizan Mirza on “Sports physiology”. Moving ahead the next talk was given by Dr. Nida Khan on “Sports and medicine”. Further, Miss Sonya Arshad conveyed information regarding “Role of physiotherapy in sports injuries”. The last oral presentation was delivered by Dr. Sadaf Ahmed, on “Mind, body and sports”.

The session ended up with closing remarks from Dr. Zafar Iqbal Abbasi (Vice- chairman AEIRC).

The conference team is privileged by the success of this informative and healthful event and established good outcome of the conference.