Were you aware of this amazing fact about FIFA World Cup quarterfinals?


A strange coincidence regarding the quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup 2018 emerged on the social media and we can’t help but be astounded by it.

It was noted that the teams heading up against one another in the quarterfinals have six and seven letters each.

For instance, France, which will play against Uruguay, has six letters (F+R+A+N+C+E=six letters), while Uruguay has seven letters.

A similar pattern was also noted in three other fixtures as well, Brazil—which has six letters—will be playing against Belgium (seven letters), Sweden (six letters) will battle it out against England (seven letters), and Russia (six letters) will face Croatia (seven letters) in the quarterfinals.

What is more mindboggling is that fact that the matches will be played on same dates as the letters in the names of the teams; July 6 and July 7.

France vs Uruguay and Brazil vs Belgium matches will be played on July 6, while Sweden vs England and Russia vs Croatia will be played on July 7.

Isn’t the coincidental pattern simply amazing?